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Pop up Shul provides everything you need to create a meditative and unique prayer experience. Come as you are.  Recharge your spiritual connection in a whole new way- no stained glass or ebony pews needed. Without the externals, you’ll find yourself in a DMC with G-d like never before.


What will my backyard service look like?

Pop up shul services are designed to last about one hour.

When you sign up to lead a POP UP SHUL you will be asked to choose from 4 types of services:

1.  The Traditional Service: This service is...traditional, English & Hebrew, the songs you know and the prayers that are familiar to you.

2. The Yogi Service: A meditative and experiential program that feels like Rosh Hashana in India.

3. The Family Service: This is for families with young children. Appropriate for all ages, but focused on the young ones.

4. The Millenial Service: A special program designed for families with teenagers and kids in college. It includes great discussions and tools for engaging even the most reluctant.

Will Pop UP SHUL provide any training?

Starting in September we will offer many classes and prep sessions through zoom to get you ready for the Bimah!

Who leads our POP UP SHUL?

It's up to you. We recommend "sharing the Bimah", But it's completely up to you if it will be led by a grandparent, parent, or even the kids.

Will Pop UP Shul be providing any materials?

Yes, you will receive one of 4 companion boxes along with links for downloads to help make your service engaging and amazing.

Who is coming to my POP UP SHUL?

Only the people you invite. Anyone that you have not been socially distancing from can be there, family, close friends, or anyone you are comfortable inviting.

Will Aish be live streaming the High Holiday Services?

Aish will not be streaming or Zooming services. One of our core values is that we are a halachic organization and everything that we do follows Halacha. Halacha does not allow for Zoom or streaming on Shabbat or holidays. For further discussion on this topic please call me anytime.

What about Yizkor service on Yom Kippur?

Aish will offer a live Yizkor Service at 5PM on Yom Kippur, just prior to the afternoon Mincha Service.

When can I hear the Shofar?

This year the first day of Rosh Hashana is also Shabbat so the shofar is not blown.  On the second day of Rosh HaShana we will be hosting Shofar in the park in - the AISH PARKING LOT! we hope to see you. Apples and Honey to go kiddush will be provided!

Will Aish have Kol Nidrei Services?

Each year we look forward to Kol Nidrei together as a community and this year we hope will be no different, but for one change: We will be outdoors in the Aish Parking lot with clearly marked spaces for standing so that social distance rules are followed.

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